17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings

Daniels, Attributed to Andries
35.000 €

A vase with flowers
Oil on panel : 58,1 X 40,5 cm
Frame : 81,1 X 63,5 cm

Exhibited as by Jan Brueghel II at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels, at the exhibition “Flowers, nature and image”, 1 – 24 June 1979



About Andries Daniels

Flemish painter
Circa 1580 – after July 1640

Flower painter active in Antwerp during the first half of the 17th century.
His last name is sometimes spelt Danielsz. (due to the erroneous lecture of his signature).

Daniels specialized in flowered vases and in garlands of flowers painted round a religious composition at the centre.

Andries Daniels was a pupil of Pieter Brueghel II in 1599. This is strange: Pieter II mostly copied landscapes and other compositions of his father, Pieter I, while his brother, Jan I, was a much more original painter, who also specialised in flower still lifes.

Daniels joined the Painter’s Guild of Saint Luke in Antwerp as a Master in 1602. 

There is very little information about our painter: it is not known when and where he was born or died. But it is clear that he was active in Antwerp and that he regularly worked together with Frans Francken II. Ursula Härting in her monograph from 1989 on Frans Francken II does not mention our painting; but she does document five paintings where Daniels and Francken worked together: three flower garlands and two flowered vases. 

In July 1640 Daniels and his wife Jozijnke van der Hoerst wrote their joint will. This is the last record of our painter.

It was only in 1951 that surfaced in Luzern the first and only fully signed painting by Daniels, which was published by M.L. Hairs. Its signature was wrongly read as “Danielsz.” (with an extra z). Based on that painting a fair number of paintings, in the past attributed to Jan Brueghel I, Frans Francken II or to Philips de Marlier, are since then being rightly given to our master.


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