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Gilliam Dandoy
Still life with a lemon and a white tablecloth
Oil on panel : 49 X 62,0 cm
Monogrammed “G. DD”
Sold at Europ Auction Paris, 16/03/11
For 27.500 €

This is a comparative item

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Dandoy, Gilliam, SOLD
"Still life of fruit and oysters"

About Gilliam Dandoy

Flemish still life painter.
Active between 1640 and 1652.

His first name is sometimes spelt “Guilliam”.

The Antwerp Painters’ Guild of Saint Luke recorded Dandoy as a pupil of the still life painter Frans Ykens (1601 – 1692) in 1640.  Strangely enough he was never recorded there as a Master. He must probably have left the town.

Several of his signed still lifes, some of them dated, have been rediscovered. They show the influence of Joris van Son (1623 – 1667) and also of Jan Davidsz. de Heem (1606 – 1683/84). 

It is clear that his unsigned works must go hidden under erroneous attributions to van Son, or even to both Jan Pauwel Gillemans the Elder and the Younger.

Other paintings have mistakenly been attributed to G. van Deynum. Ten signed paintings are known by him, but all of them with only the initials of his first name.

About our painting

Until now Dandoy’s last dated work known was from 1652; it was sold at Sotheby’s London, 28/04/65. Our painting, dated 1654, is now his last dated work.

Typical of Dandoy is the use of clear light and colours and his rich, decorative arrangement of the still life elements. 

Why should you buy this painting?

Because it is such a typical Baroque still life in which our painter simply demonstrates his qualities as an excellent painter: 

-    the reflection of light on such diverse surfaces as a glass of white wine, a silver beaker, a pewter plate, the oysters, the dark tablecloth or even on the grapes;

-    the playful twist he gives to the lemon peel or to the vine.

Because it is one of Dandoy's few fully signed and dated paintings.


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