17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings

Smit, Aernout, SOLD
Oil on panel : 23,9 X 37,7 cm
Monogrammed lower left “A.S”
Frame : 40,9 X 52,6 cm


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About Aernout Smit
Dutch marine painter
Amsterdam (?) 1641 – 1710 Amsterdam
Pupil of Jan Theunisz. Blanckerhoff  (Alkmaar 1628 – 1669 Amsterdam).
Smit’s early works are characterized by light grey tonalities and a very good perspective.
Later he became  strongly influenced by Ludolf Backhuysen (1631 – 1708), the most important Dutch marine painter of the later part of the 17th century. Under his influence his marine paintings became more colourful.
It would appear that Aernout Smit travelled extensively, as some of his pictures of both the Mediterranean shores and of Greenland were probably painted from nature.
His master Jan Theunisz. Blanckerhoff had also travelled to Italy and Greece.
Finally I should mention here a third important Dutch painter who also painted Mediterranean views : Reinier Nooms (1623 – 1667 or later).
Smit is mentioned in a document as a member of the Amsterdam Painter's Guild of Saint Luke in 1688.

Why should you buy our painting?

Because it is a beautiful, small Mediterranean view that Aernout Smit painted in fragile tonalities with rapid, free, but very secure brushstrokes, especially in the sky.