17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings

Momper, Frans de
Winter pleasures outside a small town
Oil on panel : 46,0 X 74,6 cm
Frame : 66,4 X 95,3 cm


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About Frans de Momper
Flemish painter
Antwerp 1607 – 1660 Atwerp
Landscape painter: painter of town and village views, beach scenes and winter landscapes.
Nephew of the famous landscape painter Joos de Momper II.
Son of the further unknown landscape painter Jan or Hans de Momper II.
Frans’s brother, Philips de Momper II (Antwerp circa 1610/15 – 1675 Amsterdam), was also a painter.
In 1629 Master in the Antwerp Painter’s Guild of Saint Luke.
Probably from around 1646 and in 1647 active in The Hague.
In 1648 active in Haarlem.
Subsequently active in Amsterdam in 1648/49.
Returned to Antwerp in August 1650.
Frans was influenced by his uncle Joos II, especially in his adaptation of vast panoramic spaces and in his delicate rendering of figures and trees.
In Holland he got influenced by the earlier tonal paintings from the 1630s of Jan van Goyen, painting monochrome compositions in reddish-brown tonalities with low horizons. He was also influenced by van Goyen’s town views from the 1640s.
Apparently Frans de Momper never dated his paintings.