17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings

Maes, Eugène Remy and Col, Jan David
9.800 €

A man feeding his chickens and doves
Oil on canvas : 80,4 X 65,0 cm
Signed middle right “E.R. Maes / D. Col”
Frame : 99,9 X 84,6 cm

About Eugène Rémy Maes
Belgian painter
Puurs 1849 – 1931 Kontich
Painter of animal scenes.
He was a pupil of the Academy of Brussels.
Maes regularly worked together with staffage painters, such as our Jan David Col or Jan Portielje (Amsterdam 1829 – 1908 Antwerp).
About Jan David Col
Belgian painter
Antwerp 1822 – 1900 Antwerp
Painter of anecdotic and humorist genre scenes.
Pupil of Nicaise De Keyser at the Academy of Antwerp.
Together with Jean Baptiste Madou (Brussels 1796 – 1877 Brussels) he ranks among the most important Belgian painters of delightful representations of the lower classes.
Why should you buy this painting?
Because the cooperation of these two specialists has resulted in a ludicrous, extremely detailed snapshot of a farmyard corner.
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