17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings

Madou, Jean-Baptiste
3.300 €

At rest
Oil on panel : 24,4 X 16,8 cm
Signed and dated bottom right “Madou 1853”
Frame : 33,8 X 29,4 cm

In short
Madou is not only the name of our painter, but also of a famous square in Brussels: at the death of this popular painter in 1877 the square in teh submunicipality of Saint-Josse, where his house stood, was re-named after him.
About Jean-Baptiste Madou
Belgian painter, lithographer and draftsman
Brussels 1796 – 1877 Brussels
Talented painter of small genre scenes and of portraits.
Pupil at the Brussels Academy under Antoine Brice and of Pierre Joseph Célestin François. 
Being of simple origin he had a slow start as an artist; he started in fact as a draftsman and a lithographer. His marriage in 1833 gave him access to higher, wealthier circles. By 1840 he made a career shift, starting to paint excellent small genre scenes, often witty and with a lot of sense for psychology. He was very successful, both in Belgium and abroad. King Leopold II asked him to give drawing lessons to his children and to decorate his castle in Ciergnon in the Ardennes.
Madou lived to be 81; he remained active, even at a high age. He actually had a stroke at the opening of the Brussels Salon des Aquarellistes (water colour artists) in presence of King Leopold II. He died three days later in his house. Madou was a popular figure in Brussels: the square near his house was already re-named that very year Square Madou: today this is a famous place, along the small ring road of Brussels.
Why should you buy this painting?
Because it is an excellent example of Brussels humour made by a keen observer.
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