17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings

Grimmer, Abel, SOLD
An imaginary church interior with a town beyond
Oil on panel : 34,6 X 45,6 cm
Frame : 47,7 X 57,7 cm
An identical composition with a few variations in the figure staffage was published by : 
- Jeremy Howarth, “The Steenwijck family as masters of perspective”, 2009, P. 199, Nr. II. B 219 as “Attributed to Hendrick van Steenwijck the Younger. Possibly by Abel Grimmer.”
- Bernard G. Maillet, “Intérieurs d’églises 1580 – 1720. La peinture architecturale des écoles du Nord”, 2012, P. 250, Nr. M – 0434 as “Abel Grimmer”

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